The sporty part of Munich

Sports fans in Munich will not get bored easily! You can visit football matches of the both most famous Munich Teams FC Bayern München and TSV 1860 München, or for example watch Basketball-, Ice hockey-, or American football-matches.  The figurehead in sports in Munich certainly is the FC Bayern München, who won the German Football Championship and more often than any other football club and additionally several international titles. In addition to the games of the German Football League the FC Bayern München played and will surely play a lot of interesting international football matches within the scope of the Champions League. The venue is the Allianz Arena that was opened in 2005. In a construction period that did not even last three years the most modern stadium in Europe was built. It represents as well a unique architectural soccer arena. At its peak it may accommodate 67.812 visitors on completely roofed seats.  After a period of several years sharing the Allianz Arena with Bayern Munich, TSV 1860 are now playing back in their familiar stadium in Grünwalder Straße.

The FC Bayern basketball team plays in both the German national and European leagues. Its home is the Audi Dome, originally built for the Olympic Games in 1972 and known as the Rudi Sedlmayer Hall. Today, the hall is a byword for basketball of the highest quality in Germany and the rest of Europe. 

Another sport should be paid attention to as well. The judoka of the TSV Großhadern, a rather small sport club in Munich’s south, are known for several German champions and participate since 1972 regularly in the Olympic Games. Additionally Großhadern is well known as an Olympic base for Judo. The judoka of this club fight as well successfully in the national German League.

Well known and as well successful are the clubs EHC Red Bull München in the German Ice hockey League and the Munich Cowboys in American Football.

The world famous Olympic stadium that after its opening for the Olympic Games in 1972 was the stadium for the Munich football clubs has become a favoured venue for track meetings with international participation.