Elegant restaurant in the centre of Munich near the main railway station

Welcome to the elegant Restaurant Central Café in Munich near the main railway station

We have simply changed the name of the restaurant. Apart from that our more than 130 years of cooking experience is continued with exactly the same enthusiam for quality and service as you were used to under the name Peter & Wolff.

Our top priority is the quality of the food. That applies to the produce and its preparation. We attach particular importance to using seasonal produce, cooked with creativity and passion. We use regional produce wherever possible and maintain close personal contact with the farmers and producers in the area. By preparing fresh ingredients ourselves every day, we are able to guarantee the best quality. We provide our guests with hearty, honest cuisine.

The best quality free-range meat – a particular delight for you

We have explored new avenues with our choice of meat. A large proportion of the meat we use comes from naturally reared, free-range calves and beef cattle. That’s our guarantee! The animals are reared on the farmland around Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm and graze on lush pasture. In the winter, the animals are only given hay that has been harvested in the summer months. It goes without saying that they are reared without the use of any growth hormones and without adding concentrate or silage to their feed. The meat we serve therefore comes from free-range animals that are reared slowly and naturally. There are no box stables and no tethering. The stall is simply a shelter for when the weather is bad. They are slaughtered individually, without any stress for the animals. The result is the pure flavour of meat based on natural feed and proper rearing. We are proud to be able to offer such delicious food.

History of the restaurant

Carl O. Wolff, a merchant from Plauen, bought the land opposite what was then called the “Centralbahnhof” in 1890. He built the Hotel Wolff in this prominent location on the historic Salt Road. A restaurant was part of the hotel from the outset. Both the hotel and the beautiful Jugendstil dining room quickly became a popular meeting place for elegant Munich society. Unfortunately, heavy bombardment in the final months of the Second World War destroyed the area around the station and a large section of the hotel building, including the restaurant, was damaged. But in 1948 the restaurant was already re-opened and the hotel followed in 1950 for the Oberammergau festival.

There was always a strong link to Bavarian and Alpine culture in the design of the restaurant, which was reflected in the wooden furnishings and matching works of art. The furnishings in Swiss pine (“Zirbenholz” in German) gave the restaurant its name of “Zirbelstube”, which it went by for many years. In 2015 this became the Peter & Wolff restaurant, the redesign of which combined wood with elegant crystal chandeliers. And from the outset, the Rembrandt Room was an established part of the restaurant. This side room earned its name from the paintings of noblemen by Rembrandt that decorate the walls. It also survived the chaos of the war without damage and is therefore the only room in the hotel that is still in its original condition. To one side of the day-to-day operations of the restaurant, the Rembrandt Room offers an elegant setting for family celebrations and business dinners.

The Restaurant Central Café today

The Jugendstil design of the Rembrandt Room, which dates back to the period when the hotel was founded around 1890, is now reflected in the Restaurant Central Café once again. After previous incarnations as the Zirbelstube and Peter & Wolff restaurants, this restores a visual unity with the Rembrandt Room and recalls the architectural elegance of the period in which the hotel was established.