Welcome to our Restaurant Central Café

We have simply changed the name of the restaurant. Apart from that our more than 130 years of cooking experience is ongoing with exactly the same excitement for quality and service as it has been under the name Peter & Wolff.

Highest priority is the quality of our dishes. That counts for the product itself as well as the preparation. We set a high value on using seasonal products which are cooked with lots of creativity and craftsmanship. Wherever possible our aim is to use regional products as we always prefer a direct contact to our farmers and suppliers. The daily preparation in combination with our first class products guarantees the highest quality possible as our goal is to offer our guests an honest and straightforward kitchen.


High quality meat – a special offer to you

As our ambition is to serve the best meat possible we have decided to go new ways. On a growing proportion of the meat in our menu a natural raising of our calves and cattle on lush meadows can be guaranteed. The exclusive nutrition of our animals are the meadows in close regions Pfaffenhofen/Ilm. During winter they are also fed with hay that has been harvested throughout the warm summer months. It goes without saying that our stock is raised without any growth hormones or any adding of feed pellets. This way a natural and calm growth is given.They only barn they know is the one they use to shelter themselves from uncomfortable weather. No factory farming, no physical fixation. The butchering is always with the single animal to keep the stress level as low as possible.The result is a pure taste of meat which has to be experienced by all of us. In which way the unadulterated flavour with all its vitamins and minerals captured by the cattle on the lush and herbage meadows is appreciated by you can only be found out by you – our guest. We are very happy to be able to give you the opportunity to try this very special “Schmankerl”.


From the very beginning the restaurant was a part of the Eden Hotel Wolff that was built in 1890 opposite the „Central Station“ at the historical salt road as Hotel Wolff by Carl O. Wolff, a businessman from Plauen. The hotel as well as the beautiful dining room in Art Nouveau quickly became a popular meeting place for the elegant Munich society. Unfortunately a large part of the hotel building including the restaurant was destroyed in the last months of World War 2 due to a massive bombing of the station area. In 1948 the restaurant was re-opened, the hotel followed in 1950 for the Oberammergau festival.

A Long time the restaurant was known as „Zirbelstube“ due to the equipment with pine-wood that gave the restaurant a very special atmosphere – a blend of elegance and rustic charm. The „Tonne“, a vault adjoining the Zirbelstube, conveys with its decoration Bavarian tradition. In 2015 it became the Peter & Wolff restaurant, which – redesigned – combined wood with fine crystal chandeliers.In the back of the restaurant there is the Rembrandt Room. It has come through disregarding the ravages of war and therefore is the only room of the hotel being still in the original state from the year of foundation. The Rembrandt Room offers separated from the daily restaurant activity and in the face of noblemen taken portraits of by Rembrandt an elegant setting as well for family celebrations as for business lunches.

The Restaurant Central Café today

The design of the Rembrandt room from the founding years of the hotel, which was built around 1890 in the neoclassical style, can now also be found in the Restaurant Central Café. After detours via the Zirbelstube and Peter & Wolff restaurants, this optically forms a unit with the Rembrandt room and is reminiscent of the old splendor from the time the hotel was built.