Yesterday we started! What was planned and dicussed for a long time is put into practice now:

The Kaminbar is getting its long due renovation and as well a complete new optical appearance. During the last 30 years there have been various changes of the interior. But now there will be an overhaul including the complete technical equipment.

After the first working day yesterday the room already looks like a building site and you will hardly recognize it. Of course, there is a kind of melancholy among the staff and the guests who know the Kaminbar in its original design since many years. But we look forward to the new bar and are keen to know how our guests will like it.

We expect to finish the renovation until the mid of May. About the exact date and the progess we will inform you on our website and as well on social media. Anyhow we are looking forward to welcoming you and to present you the result.