Our Valentine’s Special – Red Rose of Valentine

You often hear that Valentine’s Day is a trend coming from the United States to Europe and so as well. This might be partly right as especially in Germany this custom was practied by the American soldiers after World War II.

But this custom is much older and goes back to different martyrs named Valentinus. For example, Saint Valentine of Rome secretly trusted soldiers who were not allowed to marry. Legend has it that during his captivity he healed his overseer’s blind daughter. Before his execution he wrote a farewell letter to her which he signed with „Your Valentine“.
In 469 Pope Gelasius introduced February 14 for the church as Remembrance Day for Saint Valentinus. It was kept up until 1969 when it was removed from the Roman general calendar. Nevertheless it is not unusual that around the day of Feb. 14 church services are celebrated to bless couples. So Feb.14 still is the day of lovers.