It’s done!

After a 6-week renovation period we may announce the re-opening of the Kaminbar on May 08 2017.

We know that many hotel guests and of course many other friends and interested people have followed the reconstruction. Now you may gain your own impression of the completely refurbished location -best directly here in the hotel. But we have documented everything as well in the social media.

The renovation team of the hotel and as well the external companies have done a great job and made their contribution to realize this big project according to schedule.

Even if the appearance of the bar is completely different we tried of course to convert the refurbishment in the style of the Eden Hotel Wolff. So the bar will seamless fit in with the hotel. And of course, the popular fire place was preserved! We are very excited what you think about it and are looking forward to your feedback. More photos you will find on our Google and Facebook pages!