alle Zutaten sind zu sehen The cocktail for all who like it bitter!


3 cl Campari

3 cl Cherry Heering

3 dashes Chocolate Bitter

3 dashes Lemon Bitter

1 tablespoon Amarenajuice + 1 Amarenacherry

approx. 1-2 tablespoons grated dark chocolate (50 % cocoa)

ice cubes

sparkling water

served in a tumbler glass


At first, grate some of the dark chocolate and put it into a glas. Then add the Campari, the Cherry Heering, the Chocolate bitter, the Lemon bitter and the Amarenajuice. Pour in sparkling water.

Now put some ice cubes into the glas.

Stir the cocktail – do not shake it. During stirring you can put more ice cubes into the tumbler glass.


Spread some grated chocolate over the drink and drape a cherry on top of the Denitaly.