The best-known area for growing asparagus is Schrobenhausen in upper Bavaria. This area represents about one third of the Bavarian asparagus acreage planted.

The asparagus is harvested after the official tapping of the asparagus, which always happens in April at the Munich “Viktualienmarkt”. The official end of harvest is always on “Johannistag” (Midsummer) – June the 24th. Most farmers strictly adhere to the “Johannistag” to end the harvest. This strict end gives the ground a sufficient recovery time for next year.

At this point we would like to present you with a delicious asparagus soup recipe. Good luck with the preparation.

1. First, peel the asparagus.

2. Second, put the washed peel into cold water. Add salt, sugar and some lemon juice. Heat it up then press it through a strainer.

3. Melt 50 grams of butter in a pot, then add the same amount of flour to it and let it cool down.

4. Add 900 ml of the hot aspargus stock. Let it boil again while stirring constantly and add 100 ml of cream.

5. Let it simmer for 20 minutes and season it with salt and lemon juice. Then press it through a strainer.

6. Serve with cooked asparagus pieces and a dash of cream.