Although the Oktoberfest is nearly over we think that it is not too late for any advice or hint around the world’s biggest fair – particularly as they are valid for any Oktoberfest in the future. And of course, we still await a lot of guests until Oct.04!

After-Wiesn: When the beer tents close at 11 p.m. there is enough time to go on celebrating. The most popular locations: Löwenbräukeller at Stiglmaierplatz (daily except Sunday), Hippodrom at the Postpalast at Hackerbrücke (daily), Palais Lenbach (Thursday and at the weekend), Parkcafé (Thursday until Sunday)

Brezn: Most famous snack in Bavaria and of course as well at the Wiesn. If your hunger is bigger you should buy a roast chicken.

Dirndl: Generally this is the Bavarian word for a young girl, but here we mean the traditional costume. Traditionally the Dirndl should be ankle-length, but in any case it should cover the knees. Only the tourists wear Mini-Dirndl or country-house fashion! Concerning the bow of the apron the girls have to be careful as it is important where you wear it. Left side means that you are single and flirty, right side means that you are spoken for. Even if this is not the case it will help you to keep unpleasant admirers.

Gaudi: “ Such a Gaudi!“ With these words the Bavarian states that he really likes what is going on round him. And the Wiesn he likes especially. The word Gaudi has its origin in the Latin language and means to be glad or pleased about something.

Hendl: A roast chicken is the most-selling specialitiy at the Wiesn and is a good lining for the coming beer consumption.

Italian weekend: This year it is already over! Traditionally during the second weekend of the Wiesn thousands of Italians are coming to Munich to celebrate and to enjoy the Oktoberfest.

Yodel: At the Wiesn people mostly yodel in the beer tents. Unpractised or non-bavarian visitors should repeat the sentence „Hol a Rührei, hol a Radio“ to loosen up their tongue.

Oktoberfest hits: Additionally to the annual Wiesn hit there are various songs and melodies you should know. But it is even better to know at least their refrains and to be able to sing them. The most important hits: „Ein Prosit, ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit“ (Bierzelt-Hit), „Life is life – nanananana“ (Opus), „Da sind wir dabei! Das ist prima! Viva Colonia!“ (Viva Colonia – Höhner), “Alice, who the fuck is Alice“ (Who the fuck is Alice – Smokie), „It’s fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.“ (YMCA – Village People), „Sierra, Sierra Madre del Sur“ (Sierra Madre – Zillertaler Schürzenjäger), „Hey hey baby! Uh! Ah! I wanna know if you’ll be my girl“ (Hey Baby! – DJ Ötzi)

Tip: Please give your waitress in the beer tent a generous tip. First she is really hard-working to satisfy you. Secondly you will notice that you will get a fresh beer more quickly and that you will be served privilegedly.

Vogelpfeifer: If you are not successful learning how to yodel you should buy a packet of bird pipes. These unique „instruments“ are traditionally sold at the Wiesn at a special stand. But be aware that it is not so easy to pipe and it needs some practice.

Wiesn Cough: Thousands of people together in a very confined space are an invitation for any virus and bacteriums. So usually at the end of the Oktoberfest many visitors catch a cold.

We wish all Munichs and Munich visitors a pleasant time during the final days of the Oktoberfest!