Aspargus soup a la Peter & Wolff

The best-known area for growing asparagus is Schrobenhausen in upper Bavaria. This area represents about one third of the Bavarian asparagus acreage planted. The asparagus is harvested after the official tapping of the asparagus, which always happens in April at the Munich “Viktualienmarkt”. The official end of harvest is always on “Johannistag” (Midsummer) – June …
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Ramazzotti Rosato recipes

The new Ramazzotti Aperitivo Rosato has been commercially available since 2014. This is a 15 percent liqueur made from hibiscus and orange blossom. We would like to show you some tasty and refreshing ideas for cocktail mixing. Ramazzotti Rosato Bella 5 cl Ramazzotti Aperitivo Rosato 10 cl Schweppes Russian Wild Berry ice cubes quarter of …
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Please visit our Facebook page! We are looking forward to your creative entries: Let us participate in your favourite dishes in autumn and win a voucher for our restaurant Peter & Wolff.  

Tips for the weekend

We have two more good tips for the coming weekend. Both events are from Oct.30 until Nov.01 2015 and are about food respectively lifestyle and craftwork: The Zenithallee is the place where the show Eat & Style takes place. Here new products on the food market are shown as well as cooking shows. But you …
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Pumpkin creamsoup

Matching the season we present you an extremely tasty recipe for a pumpkin creamsoup. We wish you a lot of  success cooking  the soup and of course BON APPETIT! Ingredients:1,5 kg pumpkin250 g potatoes150 g carrots2 onionsa little piece of ginger1 tsp. curry, 1 tsp. paprika powder100 ml white wine0.3 l cream¾ – 1 l vegetable …
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Around the Oktoberfest

Although the Oktoberfest is nearly over we think that it is not too late for any advice or hint around the world’s biggest fair – particularly as they are valid for any Oktoberfest in the future. And of course, we still await a lot of guests until Oct.04!After-Wiesn: When the beer tents close at 11 …
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How to prepare roast pork with perfect crackling

In our restaurant Peter & Wolff we serve daily an oven-fresh roasted pork with perfect crackling. Today we have a special „Schmankerl“ for you: Our deputy chef Claus Wesel explains his recipe for delicious roasted pork with perfect crackling.Ingredients:1 kg of pork shouldercaraway, garlic, salt, peppermirepoix (onions, carrots, celery root, leek – chopped)1 bottle of …
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The Lillet liqueur as mixed drink

Mixed drinks which contain Lillet liqueur are very fashionable in Munich’s bars right now, and of course as well at the Kaminbar. The Lillet is a liqueur which is available in red (Lillet rouge) and white (Lillet white) It is made of wines of Bordeaux, Sémillon and Merlot, and of a fruit liqueur of orange …
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Sightseeing – Eisbachwelle

If you come across people with surf bords in their arms, do not worry. They are probably on their way to the so called Eisbachwelle behind the „Haus der Kunst“ (House of Art) – Munich‘ popular surfing spot. Even surf legends and musicians like Jack Johnson or Donovan Frankenreiter have surfed here. The city surfers …
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Construction of the Wiesn 2015

In about weeks the Wiesn 2015 is starting. The construction of the Wiesn on Munich’s Theresienwiese started already on July 13 2015 and in the mean time the first beer tents are ready. At the moment the Theresienwiese looks like a large building site. But we are sure that everything will be ready in time!